New Puppy

My new dog was shipped today!  I battled tons of horrible traffic to get to the airport.  I circled around the airport three times trying to find the Delta Dash cargo area with no luck.  Airports sure do find ways to make things confusing.  Especially when there are no signs.  Ack!  After several phone calls to Delta, the airport operator, a lady I am supposed to meet there, and stopping two airport employees, I finally got directions:

Go into the entryway that says “authorized personnel only”, turn right, then go all the way around to the sign that says “No entry”, pass another sign that says “authorized personnel only”, through a tunnel, then straight into a loading dock.  Mind you the loading dock had no signs whatsoever distinguishing it from the other loading docks.  I had an unsettling feeling that some TSA sniper had his rifle trained on me as I passed each authorized personnel only sign. ” I am just getting a puppy man!  It’s all legal”

I left my drivers license with the TSA, signed a ton of paperwork, got a parking pass, had all the details of my vehicle recorded and searched, and gave the man in the tiny office a check I finally got to meet my new dog.  The four-month old puppy was of course covered in poo and happily wagging his tail. He thankfully had been given water, but was not let out of the crate for the entire trip.  (Remind self to take vacation and travel by car next time!)  The cart the airline lent us to move the crates would not fit through the door, awesome!  Everyone was very nice however.  They even lent me some scissors, which I promptly broke, to snip the cable ties locking the crate doors shut.  With wonderful Theresa’s help, I was able to clean the puppy and the crate for the ride home.

It was raining pretty hard at that point.  Time to hit the road and get the boy home before rush hour hit.  I brought treats along and threw a few in his crate as we traveled.  He was fantastic and showed no signs of stress.

At home he whizzed around the house until near midnight.  What have I gotten myself into?

One Response to “New Puppy”

  1. I can’t wait to catch up and read the rest of your blog. I want to start at the beginning and move through it. I’m interested in how s-a-r dogs are trained, and reading here will be more interesting than reading some of the straight articles,though I appreciate those, too. Go, Grom!

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