Some Advice on Better Puppy Play

Today I met David to learn some tips on how to play with the dog better.  Good play with a search dog is key. Grom played really well with all of the toys and with David.  He suggested that we only do obedience with the leash on and drive play with the leash off.  The pup should also be primed first with agitation.  Don’t freak out!  All that means is that the dog is teased and not given the toy until he is worked up and REALLY wants it.  This increases his desire for the toy.  All working dogs have high drive or desire for their reward.  That is what makes them work so hard for so long. Here is a great video of a member of the team doing agitation with a dog.

Please visit them on you tube for a ton of great K9 Search training videos!

I also noticed that David uses a lot of very jerky movements when teasing the dog.  It really gets the pups excited.


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