Chase that food

Today I decided to practice on some advice I got at last training session last Sunday.  Grom really likes food.  He acts like we never feed him!

Since he has been doing terrible at playing.  Someone suggested that I get him to chase food in my hand.  Grom had a pretty good time running around trying to nip at my kibble filled fists.  Drawback, he has sharp little teeth!

Grom also got food when he gave me a few good barks.  Its just a starting point for him to learn indication.  We want him to bark on command.  Giving him food when he barks is a good start.  I finished his training by throwing the remaining of food in his crate.  I want him to go in there readily.  Food will do that for him.

He spent the day at work with me.  He did fairly well, but whined a bit when I went upstairs.  Arrrrgh with the whining!

I am really proud of him.  He is no longer afraid of turtles.  Yay!  (Just stop trying to eat turtle poo, thanks)

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