Kicked out of 2nd Grade

the dog stares at handlerLook at me!  I am paying no attention to that silly treat in her hand.  I have learned to stare at her face instead.  Yay me!

This is only my second time in class, but I have really caught on.

Here’s what I know:


Platz (down)

Look (attention to handler)

My name

I even am able to go back to my mom when my name is called when another person tries to get my attention!

I thought other dogs were fun to play with, but here in class all they want to do is listen to their handlers.  These other dogs are Boring!  Some of them really do like to bark.  Many of them have no clue what is going on.  My favorite is a floppy eared German Shepherd.  He looks just like my big sister, Heidi. Except, he is lopsided with that one floppy ear.

The teacher says I graduated today from Level Two.  Mom says that I got kicked out of the second grade after only the first day!  Is this a good thing?

Oh yeah,  Check out the mud all over the front of mom’s pants.  Yup, I did that!


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