Playdate Hangover

I got to stay with Aunt Stacy and Miss Lauren all morning long!  I sure am tired though.  I think I may have had an overdose of play.  ZZzzzz, what?  Oh yeah, writing a blog is hard when you have a play hangover.

I have no idea where my human parents were all night last night.  They came home sparkly and funny smelling when the big glowing thing was in the middle of the sky.  After my nap I had some really fun play time in the front yard.  I was really annoyed because one of the dummy heads forgot to take off my leash.  The other one would not give me the toy!  I was able to get her to kick the thing around when I barked.  I can’t believe how dumb these humans can be.  Give me the toy!

I started barking my head off really loud and she finally picked the toy up.  I thought she finally figured out what I wanted, but then she started waving it in front of me just out of my reach.  What a meanyhead!  That is when I started really lunging and snapping my jaws.  That will get her attention!  With a couple more barks she finally got close enough for me to sink my teeth in.  I tugged and tugged on that big yellow thing.  A couple times she got it back from me and teased me again, but I finally gave it a big tug and won the toy.  It was so much fun!

The silly humans must have no brains at all.  Right when I was having the most fun ever, they put me in my crate and took away my toy.  This is no time for a nap!


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