3:30 AM Blerrrrgh!

Hummmmph, hurrrrrrk, hummmmmph!   I shifted around in my nice warm bed, my dreams disturbed.

Hurrrrrrgh!  What the heck was that?    Hummmph, hummmmph, humph.

Oh Crap!  I jump out of bed and grab my cell phone for light and arrive just in time to see the puppy hork up a nice ball of dog fur, saliva, and bile.  I turned and rush to grab a towel, returning seconds later to find the puppy happily reingesting the disgusting brown-gray mass.  Wait, Grom is a black dog.  Where did the brown fur come from?  Only one place, my other dog Heidi.  Something tells me it is time to really go over the house with a vacuum.

I carry the pup outside in the hopes he will finish this outside.  I am sure glad he is potty trained now. Most of the goo ends up on the towel on the bottom of the furry man’s crate.  Yay for towels and washing machines.

Aaron gets nice and soaped up in the shower when he hears the dog working up another hairball.  (Isn’t this what cats do?)  Off goes the water, in goes the dog, out steps the husband.  What a yummy beginning of a day.


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