You want me to stay?

Aaaaack!  It we are late to get on the road to dog class.  We quickly pile the dog into the crate and head down the 55 mph road.  Things are going as well as a 90’s car arcade when brake lights light up the road in front of me.  With all the luck in the world, we arrive only 5 minutes late, Booyah!

Obedience class had lots of reactive dogs in it today.  At least a third of the dogs in the class had orange bandanas around their necks.  This means they are not too comfortable around other dogs or are just nervous in class.  A room full of barking reactive dogs doesn’t do much for my nerves.  Think calm thoughts.  I dig through my pockets for my clicker and…  nothing.   Crud!  I must have forgotten it in the rush to get to the car.  Aaron kindly asks a trainer for a clicker.  Thus, I end up with the clicker of shame.  A bright pink cord dangles from the palm sized object along with a “RETURN AFTER CLASS” badge on it.  Yup, I am a responsible woman.

Grom did good despite all of the freaked out pooches in class.  He was a bit more distracted than last time.  Can’t blame the guy for that.  We started with focused heeling in which the dogs must keep their attention on you while by your side.  I was pleased to find our black little puppy trotted right by a big lunging terrier without a second look.  Good dog!

The second part of class was a bit of a challenge.  Grom has never done stays before.  We moved into the smaller training room to practice this new strange thing.  Grom was of course more interested in all the new cool stuff in the room.  I got dragged behind crates, then behind the canvas blinders, and up on top of an x-large dog crate.  To the shock of more than a few in the room, my dog is getting praised the entire time.  Hey man, he’s supposed to do that!

Sit-stay was accomplished with a treat every couple of seconds.  Half the time, Grom got that blank puppy look and laid down.  Sit has been erased from his little puppy brain?  Then I realized that leaning over to give him a treat every few seconds probably made him think I wanted him to down.  Ok, I wont lean over to give him another treat.  This resulted in treats completely missing his mouth and skittering across the floor in various directions. The result is my dog having a great time chasing treats around the room rather than staying put.  The dog trainer asks me if I need a refresher. Looking like an idiot – accomplished.

Down-stay was done without much of a problem.  Ok, other than Grom getting up a few times because the top of a crate gave him a perfect view of the rest of the room.  We did get a whole 30 seconds in a down without a treat.  Woo hoo!  Not bad for a barking crazy room.

We ended the training session with me yelling at my husband for not following the trainers instructions.  Forgot to bite my tongue.  We did a fantastic recall with my little mal dragging the trainer at a full run to me from the other end of the room.  If there is anything my little guy does well, this is it!


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