Sliding on a Shovel

I cannot believe what the rest of my pack was doing today.  Usually I see them take these objects and go outside and dig around in the cold white stuff.  I like digging!

Today was different.  I think they have some really bad ideas.  You can see I tried to tell them to knock it off, but I don’t think they were listening to me.

2 Responses to “Sliding on a Shovel”

  1. Speaking of bad ideas here is a list of things that YOU Grom the dog destroyed or ate today:

    lid to food processor
    camelback water bladder
    grease out of iron pan
    2 boxes
    entire contents of newspaper recycling bin
    newly repaired hedgehog dog toy
    blue dog toy
    and the squeaker to hedgehog dog toy

  2. you better get him working so he can afford to buy new ones.

    (and hi, Aaron! Looks like fun – I think you guys got all our snow. Maybe we should have come down THERE for skiing this year… or, um, shovelsledding… if you put one on each foot, could you shovelski?)

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