Five dollar bitter tea

It was bitter because I left the tea bags in for too long.  Boy was I glad to have it.  I have been cold all day and it was the perfect thing to take off the chill.  Completely my fault Starbucks.

Speaking of chill.  Grom has had a fairly uneventful day.  He only destroyed:

1 plastic bag, foam thing to block air under door, bark chunk from wood stack (he spread all over the living room), and pulled the rest of the stuffing from the porcupine.

I wasn’t too excited about him barking all the way through dinner and after drive play with my awesome headache.  Better than him eating my dinner and chewing on my head.

Heidi is whining at me right now because she hates it when I write on the computer instead of playing with her.  Silly old dog doesn’t know what’s good for her…   She just fell asleep.  🙂

Aaron is catching on to working with drive play and not getting puppy teeth in his nice human skin. Poor guy, my husband, stands still looking at the dog for some reason.  So, I tell him to put the toy back on the ground and wait for the dog to bark and kick it around again as we were taught.  Doh! Gotta remember to keep my mouth shut and talk about this later.  Nag, nag, nag.  It’s like I am his wife or something.

Aaron said that he wanted the dog to bark at him when he had the toy in his hands. Grom stares at Aaron expectantly, waiting for something exciting to happen.  Nothing exciting happens.  Aaron leans towards the dog with the dog and he finally barks.  I am a bit worried that it might have looked aggressive to the dog.  Will facing the dog and leaning towards him cause the dog to think it is a challenge or aggression?  Will have to think about asking about this.  I sure do feel like I ask way too many detailed questions all of the time.  Maybe I should just let it go for a while.  The rest of the play session was excellent.  The pup really held on and made some funny, happy noises.  What a spaz!

Enjoying a really nice, hot  and perfectly brewed tea with both of the doggies completely crashed out.  Wintertime is great, if you are warm.


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