Sneaky Next to the Tree

When your normally rambunctious puppy suddenly becomes quiet and disappears, be worried.  Be very, very worried.  He is either destroying something, looking for something to destroy, or is taking a dump in a very hard to find place.  Grom decided on the latter this morning.  I promptly found a nice thick newspaper, rolled it up, and hit myself on the head with it. 

Maybe he thought he was outside, he chose to use the spot right next to the ficus. Looks like the schedule my husband and I used when potty training is going back on the side of the cabinet.  Communication is a good thing.  Especially when you assume the dog has done his thing after being let out twice already.  At least he didn’t aim for my laptop!

Tonight is more snow!  I am hoping for school cancellation so I don’t have to get up so early in the morning tomorrow.  More sliding down the hill on shovels, YAY!

Short note.  G man did some good drive play in the snow at night.  He is so fast at going for the toy that it is quite a challenge to keep it away from him.  I wonder if “letting” him have it too soon will be a problem.  The awesome part was that he had extra free time after work today because we could not make it to obedience tonight due to the snow.  He still went all out and really tugged!

Good boy.  Now just stay away from my ficus!

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