Pre-Snowpocalypse: laughing at the bread aisle

I smell a really big storm coming.  Must be why my back left paw itches so much.  I got to stay home with dad all day.  He made me sleep in my stupid crate the whole time.  I just don’t understand why they insist I still have to sleep in this thing.  I am perfectly capable of making a nice soft bed anywhere else in the house.  Take those big pillows for instance.  Just a bit of adjustment with some chewing and they would be perfect!

I did get to come out for a while in the morning.  I spent a really long time chasing that squeaky chewy thing.  The darn thing is always just out of reach.  Doesn’t the human understand that we have to cooperate with this tug thing?  You pull on one end and I on the other and we tear it apart.  Instead he plays keep-away!  I finally barked my head off and dashed at the thing.  HA! The human was too slow and I really tugged at it.  I still don’t get why it doesn’t come apart.

no bread in dc

Oh noes! No sandwiches for snow.

I got lots of sleep in my crate when the big smelly humans went out.  Something about food from India and laughing at the bread aisle.  People are so weird.


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