Photo op in the Snow! and peroxide…

Grom got all dressed up in his snazzy search and rescue vest and took to the snow.  He quickly learned how to catch snowballs in his mouth.  We quickly learned that this dog has one heck of a vertical leap!  Aaron claims that Grom can jump at least 5 feet straight up. Boing!  We knew that his breed, Belgian Malinois could jump, but oh my!search dog in snow

Aaron devised a new game for the puppy in the snow.  We have a very heavy, solid rubber dog ball.  The red sucker sinks immediately into the snow when thrown.  Grom had a great time searching for the hidden ball with his nose under 2 feet of snow.  I am continually amazed with the power of doggie noses.

Search dog jumping for snowballI have been battling what I believe to be food poisoning from going out to eat yesterday.  I wake up to see my husband running out of the bathroom with the bottle of hydrogen peroxide.  Either the man wanted to be a blond or the dog ate something he shouldn’t have, again.  Poor Aaron had no idea how much of the stuff to give the dog in order to induce vomiting.  Further more, how in the heck are you supposed to get this stuff down the dog’s throat.  I mean, really!  I directed my never frantic husband to my office where my stash of animal rehab equipment is kept for syringes.  Wrestling with the hyper puppy outside resulted in what must have been only a few squirts of the stuff in there.

Aaron waited a couple of minutes.  Then, began to wonder why in the world the peroxide wasn’t working.  Technology to the rescue!  Aaron quickly types a search query into his Palm Pre phone and finds the answer he needs.  A whole 1/4 cup of the bubbly needs to somehow end up down the dog’s throat.  Yeah, right!

Thinking quickly, Aaron finds the chewed up camelback bladder, compliments of Grom, and cuts off the drinking tube.  He measures out a quarter of a cup and sucks it up into the tube.  Aaron gets just enough of the junk in his mouth to taste what is in store for the puppy.  He quickly grabs the puppy and shoves the other end of the tube down the furball’s throat.  With a quick blow into the tube, all of the hydrogen peroxide neatly gushes into the dog’s throat.  Grom thought that was great fun and bounced around in full play mode.  A minute later the dog returned a nice big wad of poly fill, all that must have been from the hedgehog toy, and a big green rubber chunk from a chew toy.  Be happy it all came out the easy end, mister dog.

Yes, dogs are fun.  Sort of dumb, but fun.

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