Still snowed in

We are still snowed in and my shows were cancelled today.  No work for me.  That is a good thing when you get to spend all day in bed with food poisoning.  Woo hoo!

Grom has been outside a lot lately.  Running in the snow can really wear a puppy out.  Especially when he chooses to run in the deepest snow in the backyard in order to get away from a slow moving 9 year old German Shepherd.  I suppose she moves just fast enough to keep the puppy playing keep-a-way with a stick.

dog helps shovel snow

I can help shovel!

Tomorrow, we are expecting another foot of snow!  My husband and I decided to get as much of the snow off the roof as possible.  Thank goodness our roof is pitched, but none of the snow has slid off from the last storm.  They just don’t build houses with three feet of snow in mind around here!

Boy was Grom puzzled when two humans sat on his roof throwing snow off.  Bark, bark, bark!  There was so much snow on the roof, that it made a pile next to the house large enough to stand on and climb on the roof!Aaron shoveling snow off the roof

Grom must be completely spent.  He has been sleeping in the chair next to the fire without getting in to anything.  Horay!  Ok, except for 5 minutes ago when he stepped on Aaron’s laptop and started chewing on the wood pile.  Other than that…

Dog climbing ladder

I'm climbing up there to help.


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