Old lady walking through

At least I feel like one.  This whole food poisoning thing really sucks.  My husband has been really great.  He let the dogs out and fed them this morning.  I woke up to lots of whining and scratching.  Like a good guy, he put both dogs in their crates right on schedule.  I slept in and everyone had to go out.

Not fun to wake up with a horrible headache to the cacophony of whining.  Dang that dog is high pitched!

Like an old lady I walked down the stairs to get some water.  It took an eternity.  My back and stomach muscles were cramped from being sick and I was bent over the entire trip.  With some struggling I was able to get the crate back up the stairs, dragging it behind me and shuttering every time it bounced on a step.  Grom, of course, decided to continue his whining in the crate upstairs. He was right next to my bed and right next to my swollen ear. As soon as he was quiet, I let him out.

Bad, naughty girl let puppy sleep on the bed.  Step one on how to ruin a working dog. It was nice to have some company through this awful mess.  Good dog, good teddy dog.


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