Snowy Back Chaining Indication

Worked on back-chaining indication.  An indication is something the dog does to tell the handler he has found a missing person (subject.)  We are attempting to train Grom with a bark indication.  We have practiced asking him to bark on command in all sorts of situations.  Now it is time to put a few more pieces together.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Subject holds dog
  2. Handler calls the bark command “Preach” – Dog is supposed to run to the handler and bark
  3. Handler asks for the show me where the subject is command. “Save.”
  4. Subject gets dogs attention with toys and noises – dog runs towards the subject
  5. Handler follows dog back to subject who plays with the dog.

Here is a video of us practicing this with our German Shepherd.  She is a bit old and a slow poke these days, but you get the idea:)

Grom did well, but on the second try (which was near perfect) he ran away with the toy playing keep away.  Can’t have this!  He is supposed to win the toy and then be put back in his crate.  Really hard to do that when he is running away from you, Doh!  My husband and I played with the second identical toy trying to lure the puppy back.  I started to sprint around the yard with the toy and I grabbed him when he was hot on my heels.  Whew!

I played tug with him while holding on to his collar with my other hand.  I am such a dummyhead to forget his leash!

I am going to look into playing the game two hoses aka two balls or two tugs with him.  I am not sure if this would conflict with his drive play and agitation, but I have an idea it will help solve his keep away problem.  Will look into that.


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