Taking a little from the Stomach

Sometimes, you just aren’t fast enough.

While I am at work, Aaron ties the dog back to do some drive play with him.  Everything was going well.  The dog would bark and Aaron would kick the toy with his foot.  Dog barks and the toy moves again.  Dog barks his head off with nice deep, loud barks and Aaron picks up the toy.  Grom at this point really wants the toy and starts tugging on his leash and snapping in the air and barking.  “Give me the toy!”

Grom is fast, real fast.  Predictably, he is able to grab the tug before it was expected.  Fun tugging in the slippery snow ensues.  Then the problem begins.

tooth scratch

6 inch long scratch from a tooth

Grom keeps trying to readjust his grip on the toy.  As soon as he does this, we try to whip it out of his mouth.  Hold on and keep your mouth in place or you lose the toy buddy. The problem is the little nut is faster than we are!

During one of these exchanges, the pup lunges too far to get the toy back and gets Aaron right in the stomach.  When Aaron told me this over a cup of tea after my return from work, I laughed my butt off. I don’t have a sensitivity problem, Really!  (The bruising around it is quite lovely, don’t you think?)

It’s a problem that we need to get some advice on.   So, here goes the round of questions to working dog trainers.

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