Laughing off the toilet

My dog really likes to get in to trouble.  He is a young guy that still needs to learn his house manners.  So when my husband wanted five minutes to decompress after work, I took the dog into the bathroom with me to keep him out of my husband’s hair.  Now, the little furball has been stuck in the bathroom with me several times.  I like to throw toys into the bathtub.  Sometimes I even put water in it or have the tap running while I do so.  My goal is to get the bath to be so much fun that giving him a bath in the future will be a breeze.  Anyway, this time I needed to use the uh-hum facilities.

After pushing the dog off my lap several times, he got interested in the toilet paper.  Not gonna let you eat that, again.  Next he wanted to check out the tub.  I am not surprised since I often throw toys in there.  I slide the glass door open and he hops in. The little black dog starts sniffing around the drain and shoves his wet nose down the hole.  He loudly takes one long, loud sniff pops his head up, licks his lips, and arches his back.  Then he pees.  Staring right at me he relieves himself for a good 30 seconds.

I must have been in something that can only be described as shock.  My mind raced back and forth between praising and shouting making no choice between the two. While I am guffawing at him, he neatly hops out of the tub.  The smartypants sits right in front of me with that expectant look a dog gets when he knows a treat is coming.

dog in papasan

he only looks innocent

I fell off the toilet.  Not a sound came out of my mouth.  Not a breath of air.  My face must have been purple by the time the sound of my laughter finally escaped my lips.  I was very thankful that I finished my business before he decided to use tub as his facility.  I rolled around the floor in raucous laughter.  Tears were streaming down my cheeks while I was bent over in my convulsions.  Grom was thrilled with this fun new game and jumped all over me.  I was helpless to fend him off as my stomach hurt through what must have been several minutes of bent-over laughter.  When I finally could stand up straight, Grom was sitting at my feet with a very concerned look on his face.

I sure don’t know what to do with that dog.  He gives me a surprise every day.  I just hope none of them kill me!

2 Responses to “Laughing off the toilet”

  1. hahahahahahahahahaha Could be worse, at least the shower is easy to clean. 🙂

  2. hahahha, I guess he just wanted to be like Mom and follow your example. He is awful cute there.

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