Spa play day

I got to play with all kinds of dogs today!  Mom said there was no training tomorrow so I am allowed to wear myself out!

First we went to one of my favorite stores.  Everything smells so good.  I keep taking things off the shelves as soon as we walk in.  Lots of things make squeaky noises.  I make sure to do a good job and kill them.  SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!  Mom makes me put the treats and bones down if I try and pick them up.  She said that it is stealing and I am not allowed to shoplift.  What is stealing?  I can reach it, it is mine!dog in papasan again

I also met a human only a little bit taller than me.  She made squeaky noises when I walked up to her.  She started giving me a handful of food.  Then she squeaked and dropped it all over the floor. Yum!  I also met a small white dog named, Henry.  He was great fun, but he smelled sort of funny.  I don’t think he really understood how to play though.  I bowed to him several times, but he just stood there and wagged his tail.  So I wacked him on the head with my paw to knock some sense into him, but his mom took him away.  Wait, come back!  This is the best store ever because everyone gives me scratchins and treats.  Dad got a giant bag of dog food.  Yes!

Next, we went to a store that smelled kind of funny.  They had all kinds of metal things in big see-through cases.  Mom told me not to jump up on the cases.  Oh!  Then I noticed that I was wearing a big itchy thing around my middle.  It poked me in the mouth and tickled when I tried to pull it off.  You should have heard the satisfying scratchy riiiiiip noise it made when I had it in my teeth!  Again, I was told “OFF!” and I had to stop.  There were some very nice people in there that talked to me and gave me scratches behind the ears.  Oh yeah, more!  One lady had a dead animal on her back.  The worst thing is that it didn’t even smell rotted.  You are supposed to chew on that, not wear it.  People are so gross!

The last place we went to was the best.  Oh!  I had to pee on the snow bank first.  It smelled like everyone else peed there first so I made the spot good and yellow!  Inside, it smelled like wet doggies.  That must mean there is a good muddy pool in there somewhere.  I never found the pool but I was greeted at the door by a squished faced dog with teeth sticking out.  She made some great snorting noises when she breathed.  I asked her if she wanted to play, but she made a great snooty snort and snapped at my face.  Meany!  She smelled funny anyway.

stretch leash

Boing boing!

I did find a really good friend at this place.  He was a big rolly silver puppy.  We had so much fun tearing around the entire store.  I got him wound up in my leash many times before mom was able to get it off me.  Boing Boing Boing!  We knocked all sorts of stuff off the shelves.

Then we ran upstairs and jumped around in big wet white tubs!  A great big wolfhound was getting a bath in the tub next to us.  Hahaha, he did not look happy.  He smelled worse!  Dogs are not supposed to smell like coconut!

Downstairs, mom bought me a new leash.

It’s a big long orange thing that is very boingey.  It can stretch so I can pull on it to get my toy!  Mom says it will strengthen my muscles while I jump for my toy and it wont hurt if I jump too hard.

She also got some new shampoo for me.  What is Pina Colada?


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