Chasing ice chips

Dogs really have an amazing sense of smell.  Today we were breaking up the ice/snow layer on our deck.  The dogs loved chewing on the chunks.  Heidi and Lauren the german shepherds would even grab a chunk lay down and chew on it like a bone.  My husband stole a big chunk from Heidi and chucked it far into the yard.  A giant snowmound at the end of the deck prevented the dogs possibly seeing where the ice chunk landed.  Our old girl found the block of ice with her nose.

Heidi Grom playing with ball in snow

I can tire that old dog out!

Time and again she quickly found and returned chunk after chunk of ice thrown into the yard.  Wow!

My husband and our friend decided it was high time to make a snow cave on the deck.  With a kayak paddle, they chopped a three foot square hole into the five foot high snow bank on our deck.  Precocious Grom the dog promptly trotted in to the hole to investigate.  Sometimes I wonder about the intelligence of that dog.  What if there was a yeti in there or something.  Really dog, bad judgement!

Grom did however do a good job of steeling a section of hose off the rain barrel and proceeded to tire out the two shepherds by playing keep away.  Thank goodness he knows better than try playing that game with us…



2 Responses to “Chasing ice chips”

  1. Lauren the German Shepherd is exhausted from her visit with Grom and Heidi. She hasn’t moved from her favorite spot at the end of the couch since we got home hours ago, except for an evening bathroom break where she tried to take a chunk of ice into the house to continue chewing on it. 🙂

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