Sticks are delicious!

That’s what our pup is chewing on right now.  Sounds like a nice thing to crunch on – if you are outside!  The little thief stole his little chew toy from my wood stack and is munching on it in the living room.  Of course the little bugger is doing it right next to two yummy bones.  I suppose the remains of Mr. Stick will join the wonderful smears of mud left on the floor courtesy of dogs + melting snow.  I really can’t be grumpy about it.  The mess is quite hilarious.  Often the peace and quiet of it all makes it worth it.

springsAgitation work was much needed this morning.  We took out the new Boing boing leash and went to town with some good old dog teasing.  (Find the post and link about the new leash here) I have to say that the new leash is quite nice.  It is made out of the same stuff excercise tubing you get from injury rehab at the docs.  Rather than hitting the end of a leather leash when the dog tries to lunge for his toy, he instead simply meets increasing resistance from the rubber. Nice and soft!

The only drawback is that the leash can stretch to twice its length.  This makes it quite difficult to judge the dogs range the first few times he really makes a leap for it.  I have a feeling this leash is going to do wonders for the dog’s muscles.  Yay, workout!  It even made his tugging play much better.  Grom spent much less time trying to readjust his grip on the toy this morning.  Perhaps the streatchiness of the leash made things a little less frustrating.  Overall, I am a fan.

I had quite a long day at work today due to someone calling in sick, but there is no way I am hitting the sack quite yet.  I am in the middle of making First Aid for Dogs flashcards on the computer.  The learning never stops man.  It’s what makes Search and Rescue a wonderful addition to life.  Keeps ya sharp.

Links to online flash cards and a future book review coming soon!

Good night


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