On to level Four

Yup, it looks like we are changing our schedule again.  Grom just got kicked out of Level 3 at All About Dogs.  He is now on to Level 4 in obedience class.  I am so proud.black belgian malinois
Really, I am surprised.  We are trouble makers.  This week Grom climbed up on top of the crates lined against the wall and went pacing pack and forth across the tops.  Did I tell the mountain goat to get down?  Heck no.
Did I freak out and move away from them when he flopped off of them in a disorganized THUMPH in a pile of black fur and floppy legs?  Nope!  I laughed my butt off and called him an idiot when he leaped right back on the crate.
I didn’t get this way overnight, mind you.  As my husband would attest, I am still a controlling stressed out witch on occasion.  I am working on it, okay!
One of the most valuable lessons I have learned from my husband is when you or the dog make a mistake, laugh.  Spend more time playing around with the dog and get in to trouble with him. Obedience class is not a college entrance exam and it should not resemble 4th grade grammar class with Sister Constance and her hand smacking ruler.
Search and Rescue training is hard.  Most of the time you just don’t want to get up that hour early to practice in the rain.  You just have to find reasons to get up and keep at it.  I like to “fake it till you make it.”  Pretend you are having a good time.  Soon, you will be.
If you act like bad weather at 5 am is great fun, your dog will to.  It’s a good practice to use with all sorts of things.  Get one nail clipped, play time!  Two minutes of brushing –  time to play fetch.  Getting bored and distracted in dog class because you have a puppy brain? Then it is time to jump on the wall, get a big tummy rub, or run around in circles.  Be a goof!

And don’t forget to follow your own advice.

I cannot wait to learn what Level 4 has in store for us.    (See line above)

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