Sunny day socialization

Are those treats?

The outdoor mall was full of people enjoying the nice weather.  I think the picture above may have been taken the only possible time there was not a crowd of people around.  Typically when you see a dog with an orange vest on, it includes a sign that asks you not to pet.  Not so with a search and rescue dog.  Grom only has two jobs right now; love people and play with your toys.

Today’s Challenge: Socialization

Ok, it’s not really a challenge for Grom.  He now loves trotting up to new people and checking them out.   If a new thing happens he gets more treats.  I shoveled handfuls into his mouth a treat at a time today.  One very excited little girl touched the puppy on the rump and he must have jumped up eleven inches in surprise!  Grom looked around trying to figure out where that came from.  (sheesh, I thought he was smart.) For the first time in a month, I saw Grom’s tail tucked under his legs.  He kept investigating the world around him and cautiously inched towards the now still little girl.  After a few moments of treats and scratches, his tail was wagging happily in giant arcs again.  He began prancing around the little girl and her parents completely unconcerned by what happened a minute before.

We had a fun night meeting new people, attempting to shop lift dog treats from our favorite dog boutique, and sniffing a dozen dog bums.  It was a good day.

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