Bubble bath

Ah, the wonderful time of year when the flowers bloom.  The front of my house is gorgeous with little purple croakus flowers poking up through the grass and all around my front stoop.  Lilly of the valley climb my hill and the bird feeders are filled to the top with seed.  Grom , the weirdest dog on the planet, snacks on sunflower seeds and tears a brand new hole in a 50 pound bag.  I dread I am going to discover later that sunflower seeds are poisonous to dogs or something and try in vain to call him off of the yummy seeds.  He spends the rest of the hour outside whizzing around the yard randomly picking up sticks, rocks, logs, leaves, and things out of the recycling bin.dog treats

I really have no idea where he finds the energy.  This morning he was fed out of his Buster Cube.  He kicks this sucker around the kitchen for 45 minutes while it doles out a few measly kernels of dog kibble at a time.  Perfect for getting him tired. He is ready to go in his crate for a nap after battling with this thing.

He must have had one great nap because when it was time to train, he was ready!  It has been a while since we had done it, so it was time to do a bit of indication for play.  Aaron held on to the dog while I said “Preach!”  (This is the dog’s command to bark at me)  Grom ran at me full boar and barked two good barks with one squeaky toy bark in between.  As soon as I had the word “Save” out of my mouth, the dog was already playing with my husband.  Something tells me he may have this game.  There was zero hesitation and I had no need to get his attention at all other than the command.  Was this a fluke?  Does he really know this or was it luck? Only one way to find out.

barking dog

I'm good at this barking thing.

Aaron stole the dog tug back from the puppy.  (One heck of a feat if you know Grom)  He even kept his fingers attached! We restarted and I walked behind the azalea bush.  “Preach!”  Grom came dashing around the bush, looked right in my face and started barking his little head off.  I got five good, fast, loud barks before I said, “Save!”  A black boomerang dashed off and flung himself in the air to catch the tug Aaron held out.  The impact spun Aaron around while the dog’s back end flung around in the air.  Now THAT was a good one to end on.  Perfect!  I did my best not to give the dog any visual hints for what I wanted him to do.  So hears to hoping it really was perfect. 😀

My head feels like it is packed with cement and my voice is a bit scratchy.  A bit of steam to clear my head was in order.  That, my friends, means there was a bath in my future.  I closed the d0gs in the bathroom with me and gave them a few chew toys to keep them out of Aaron’s hair while he was on the phone.  I finally layed back to relax in my shallow bath when puppy nosed the shower door open.  With one smooth jump, the dog was in the bath with me biting the water and smacking it around with his paws.  Bath time over for me.  I told my german shepherd to jump in with the puppy and walked away.

A proper end of the day. Two-thirds wet dog, a pile of soaked towels, a trashed bathroom, two happy and tired wet pups.

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