Search and Rescue Panties

Underage dog caught in illicit pantie kidnapping ring

A half dozen panties of different origins found in dog’s possession.  Authorities state that dog’s promising future career as a search dog will not be affected by this incident.  Grom, a 9 month old Belgian Malinois puppy, had been acting strangely the past few hours.  “He had been visiting the upstairs more frequently than usual during his free time today”, claims owner Jennifer.

“I thought he was just being more adventurous, but became suspicious when he would run back down the stairs and began making snorting noises in the living room chair.  I finally went to the chair to investigate after his fifth trip from the upstairs.  I found buried in the back of the chair several of my favorite panties.”

The innocent articles of clothing were merely waiting to have a bath when the black furry monster tore them away from their companions and stuffed them in a strange, dark place.  The loud snorting sounds must have been terrifying to the young colorful, soft intimates.

They suffered the trauma of being pierced by several razor sharp puppy teeth during the transport to the cold, smelly confines of their potential cell of death.  Many were covered in slobber when rescued from their confines.  Most were found with only minor wounds.  There was one very sad casualty in the ordeal.

One pair of Joe Boxer hip rider panties wearing pink paisleys was pronounced dead on the scene.  A memorial service will be held later today.

The accused puppy will be on probation for the next three weeks.  He has been put on the pantie abuse registry and will not be allowed within 30 feet of unaccompanied panties.

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