Hard dog night

Holy distraction batman!
Tonight was a difficult obedience class.  Lots of pups completely lost their brains. The background ambiance was a single dog in another room barking his head off the entire time.
Grom enjoyed surfing the floor for food. He found floor scaveging duty far more important to listening to me.  It’s so frustrating!
My poor husband was trying not to lure the dog with treats, putting them in the other hand.  He had to grab a single treat with his free hand each time.  Grom was having nothing of it.  “You mean I have to wait all that time for a treat? No way, i’m checking the floor thank you very much.”
Grom forgot down, sit…everything.  We spent the class treating him like a level one dog; a dummyhead.
Next class, we are going for a 3 mile run beforehand.  Hear that one dog?
Out of it all we got an awesome green leigh and 30 seconds of very good dog behavior.  Grom sat in place while someone else with a dog walked over and handed me the leigh.  Go Grom!
(we are still going for a run before next class puppy brain)


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