Planting muddy paws

It was such a beautiful day today a crime to have to work.  Doubly on a Wednesday due to it being a training day.  From the emails going around the group, it looked like a large group of people were attending. Sometimes I wonder how the rest of my team works it with the job thing.  Everyone had an hour drive to the training location and they were going to be there  at 4.  How awesome!
There was no way I was getting out of work that early to play in a sunny field, so I turned Gogol Bordello to about the same decibels of a jet engine on my car stereo and drove to work.  Flogging Molly accompanied my drive home in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.
In honor of a sunny St. Patties, I decided to dig in the dirt.  I couldn’t leave the dogs out of it so I had to figure how to get the pups outside without them running after a squirrel or dog.
Out came the handy dog stake out screw.  A very nice metal device that screws into the ground and has a swiveling loop to attach a cable.  Problem was that this belonged to my old roomie and she left it here.  I left it outside and the clasps rusted shut.  Oops!  I spent some time banging the suckers against the bench outside to get the hooks open with no luck.  Feeling like a smarty pants, I used a carabiner to attach a dog leash to the stake.

Out goes both dogs.  Heidi being the good girl that she is got to just drag her leash around the yard while I worked.  She quickly lost her freedom privileges by barking her head off at a black poodle being walked up the street. Bam! I stepped on her leash before she could dash out at the offending canine.  The poodle must have been wearing too much perfume or something.  Distracted by the giant worms and deliciously soft dirt, I looped Heidi’s leash over the top of the stake and went back to digging.

Both dogs had exactly one minute of relaxing then full-out wrestling went down.  Oh good, they are entertaining each other for a while.  Back to the dirt. Grom was happily running circles literally around Heidi leaping and bounding about. Their leashes seemed to get progressively shorter and shorter as they played.  OK, someone was gonna get hurt here.  I attempted to unwind the leashes while they continued to play.  It was like trying to untie a knot that was retying itself in the process.  Panicked, I asked both dogs to sit.  Which they did for less than a second.  The bounding became more energetic and the knot more complicated.  Poodles be damned, I had to unhook Heidi. I grab for her collar and press in on the clasp for her collar.  Grom decides this is the perfect time to flip on his back and wave his legs wildly in the air.  The most tempting play position for Heidi.  Right when I thought I had the clasp, Heidi leaps up like a deer to nip at the little black dancing feet of the puppy. Boing, tug boing, tug, BOING!

Once I got the  leash off Heidi, Grom leaps up and shakes off.  He then whizzes around my legs, dragging the mess of leash with him.  He manages to get one loop around my legs.  I tried to work fast to free the leash from itself and the now frozen swivel before the leash pinned me. The neighbors must have been at the windows taking pictures of my misfortune.

Thankfully, it all worked out.  The three of us survived another day.  I ended mine with a bubble bath.  Grom ended his with muddy paw prints, IN the bath.

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