More puppy play wounds

Remember in Lethal Weapon 3 when Renee Russo and Mel Gibson’s characters were showing each other their scars?  I believe that by the time this puppy is full grown, I will be able to replay the scene with my husband.

belgian malinois


Most of the time I don’t believe that it is the dog’s fault, most of the time.  When daylight savings began last weekend, you would think that we would take advantage of the daylight after work these days to work the dog.  No.  We are thick headed humans stuck in our ways.  The pup doesn’t get his training until after the sun goes down.  We wonder why he misses, duh!  I think a scheduling change is in order.

We should be working him right after work anyway.  He would be pent up in his crate for a while and be much more interested in training right when we get home rather than after dinner.  The other good news is that there will be light for more videos! No more boring posts without pictures, videos, and bling.

In other news. We are getting ready for our second weekend of FTM training.  I can’t believe I am still awake at this time of night.  We have one heck of a long drive tomorrow and little sleep in our future for the entire weekend.  Saturday night we will be awake past 1 am on a mock search training excercise.  Then we will be up early the next morning to test for our certification.  Yikes!

I will be taking my camera and will hopefully get a chance to take pictures of some of the action.  Not something I can do when actually participating, but perhaps there will be some down time for me while others show their stuff.

Want to take a crack at some of the stuff we need to know for Field Team Member search and rescue certification?  Practice with my online flashcards on Quizlet.

(Even better, there are apps that work for the Palm, Droid, iPhone with Quizlet sets for on the go)

I need to get some zzz’s.

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