My allergies are trying to kill me.  Today I did a massive cleaning of my bedroom making sure to wash the sheets and vacuum.  My pollen covered dogs were due for some sudsing.

bubble bathGrom has been getting practice in the bath tub with and without water in it.  Any time he is near the bathroom, a toy goes into the tub.    I have never made a big deal of it and have not turned on the faucet or shower while he was in there.   Several times a week the puppy hangs out in the bathroom when I take a bath or shower.  I make sure to make lots of fun noises so he knows I am having a good time.  The puppy has had nothing but good experiences in the tub so it was easy to get him in there today.

All I had to do is throw a rubber ball in the tub filled with 4 inches of water.  He went right in.  I play wrestled with him and tossed the ball around for a little while.  At the same time I used a plastic water pitcher to splash water on him.  He was so distracted with the playing he did not mind.

Soaping him up was easy; just pour it on and give him a good scratchin’ all over.  He loved that!  For the rinse we had more play wrestling with the ball.  Just like out in the yard, I pushed him over.  Splash!  He layed right down in the water.  I kept on playing with him with a huge grin on my face.  Rinsing off a dog’s belly will be much easier.  He thought it was great fun.

After the water had drained, I turned on the shower. I pretended to not notice the difference and continued playing with the dog.  He got a ton more scratching, petting, and playing.  He was a good dog.  He did not care!

Heidi the shepherd was next.  Poor girl is getting old and has always been well behaved.  In she went with no fuss.

Seven towels later and a bathroom completely covered in wet dog, I accomplished two clean dogs, one tired and the other having a puppy spaz, and some good bath time training under our collars.

Right on.


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