Hiding in a Meadow

I can’t believe it.  I finally made it to a weekday SAR training.  What a beautiful day to have it as well.  It was a perfect 60 degrees with a slight wind.  Woo Hoo!

My first hide was a 3 minute problem for a puppy.  She did amazingly well!  I was hiding behind a wooden structure so please forgive me for the jiggling and refocusing.  My job here was to make a loud noise first to get the dog a bit excited.  This is the first time for this dog to do a search this long, so the call gives the dog a bit of a hint as well.  You can see in the video the point where the dog found my scent trail on the ground.  Even though our dogs are air scent trained, there is no penalty from sniffing a few footprints.  Whatever gets the job done.  Good Dog!

I was very impressed with her second time finding myself and another person.  The same GSD puppy leaped up a bunch of rocks and through a thicket of brambles to get to us.  Look at all the fun she got to have for a job well done.

Grom did a great job too.  Although I didn’t get a chance to take a video as I was part of the fun.  He got to play tug and fetch with two people he has never played with before.  Boy did he have a good time.  We even tried practicing his back-chaining with people new to him.  He didn’t come right up and bark at me like he was supposed to.  I just needed to back up a little and he snapped back to business and started barking.  Good Dogs


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