Squealy at the vet

Just when you think you have done enough training with your dog, something new comes up to prove you wrong.  I have been diligently conditioning my puppy to loud noises, nail trimming, brushing, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, baths, table tops, and general examinations.  So, when I took my dog to the vet today for a general checkup and shots, I was confident my pup would do well.  And he did – until it was time for the blood test.

Seconds after my dog was led into the back to get his blood drawn, a blood curdling yelp echoed from the back rooms.  Ignoring it, confident it was not my dog, I went back to entertaining my old Shepherd.  A moment later my black little puppy was back in the room with me along with the vet and a tech.

“So, that was him back there?” I queried.

“Yes, we thought it would be easier with you in the room,” the vet replied.

Out came the treats.  Grom was happily snarfing down little bits of hotdog and sausage until they came close.  One gentle attempt at restraining the dog resulted in a cry and a barrage of wiggling and paws.  Maybe I need a better grip.  So, I really went in this time and held him in an official bad dog restraint.  Wiggle, wiggle, paw, yelp, roll!

Distracting him with treats didn’t help much.  When I teamed up with the vet tech, a series of crocodile rolls, kicking, and thrashing occurred.  This was going no where fast, if we were lucky.  The next time, we could end up covered in urine, blood, and poo.  Been there done that, got the t-shirt don’t need to repeat that experience.

The muzzles came out.  Perhaps we could slide one of those suckers on and give him much more freedom without fear of him biting us.  The vet tech tricked him into going into the corner of the room.  She turned around and backed in between a bookcase and the wall.  Grom, being the athlete that he was, slammed his doggie butt into the bookcase and slid it over about 6 inches.  The tech expertly slipped the muzzle over the dogs nose.  She was unsuccessful in treading the strap through the loop to secure the muzzle to his face.

I tried to be sly about and and slip the muzzle on while giving him a good scratch.  When I went for the strap, he flipped on his side and flopped like a freshly caught trout.  The tech had one of his legs and I ordered her to let go.  Grom whirled around and hid behind me.  I ignored him and got up in a chair.

Ok, so no muzzle.

He was breathing heavy and this point and was stressed.  He came right out of hiding and started approaching everyone, again.  Either he is very stupid or very forgiving.

I wished that I could have a chance to make this easier on him, but we had to get his heartworm pills.  Only choice was to traumatize him now and train for this later

The vet noticed that his doggie veins were popping to the surfice nicely due to his stress.  She suggested we try something crazy.  “Let try to not restrain him at all.  I took the biting end. The vet swifly poked the needle in and drew out a few drops of blood.  Pup was sick of sitting still.  He stomped his back leg holding the need and wiggled away. A few drops of blood dripped on the floor, but they got enough for one test.

After the puppy was let go, he came right back over.

Moral of the story.  You forgot to train for something, it’s never to late to try, so get out there and do some training.

I found my dog is a good guy. Despite being tortured he came right back over for a treat  from the evil vampire vet!

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