Dog becomes Certified in CPR

cpr mannequinHe could have, if he had thumbs.  Grom spent the class in his crate happily watching humans play with dummies while being dummies.  Well, my husband did come along.  After we practiced everything with our serious faces on,  we practiced with funny faces.

Prior to this, we went through a fantastic CPR and First Aid class.  The entire course was accompanied by a video.  It seemed very hokey at first, but looking back it helps you remember everything.  I am thinking that the Red Cross was pretty smart in how the video was done.  I love 50’s era educational films.  With the bad acting and the cheerful deep-voiced narrator directing little “Timmy” to hide under a desk during a drill.

The new first aid video was far better than these old films, but just a dash of cheesy kept it memorable.  I will never forget to make sure a scene is safe before helping anyone.  Every demonstration in the video depicted an actor standing ramrod straight, looking left then right, and exclaiming in a very serious tone pronouncing every syllable, “The Scene is Safe.”

Despite the silliness, the information was stellar. The course covered the whole gambit of emergencies from hypothermia, heat stroke, shock, to dismembered fingers.  I was very pleased with the updated information on treating a snake bite.  They even noted that most snakes are non venomous and to wait a few minutes for increasing pain before assuming its a venomous bite.  No tourniquets, cutting, or extractors were mentioned, woo hoo!cpr

I don’t believe our dog will be very helpful for the first aid portion of the class, but he should be up to date on his CPR.  We had to have been quite funny looking giving mannequin’s mouth to mouth and chest compressions.  There was quite a bit of waving of arms and declaring a safe scene.  We do strange stuff all of the time, this may have taken the cake.  How many people do you see wrestling with a limbless torso that clicked when you pounced on it?  Grom was keeping a close eye on this part.  Remember puppy, it’s 30 compressions then 2 breaths.

Next, came beeping, squealing, wrestling, and blinky lights. Both my dog and my husband’s favorite things!  Grom is going to be an expert at using an AED, aka heart shockers.  After playing with the training devices, I will have no problem using one of these babies.  They are wonderfully safe and easy.  There is even a sensor that detects whether a shock is even needed!

As a search team member, we are required by our group to become certified in CPR and First Aid.  We may need it out in the woods.  I hope we don’t.  With the shape I am in, I hope my dog was paying attention.

2 Responses to “Dog becomes Certified in CPR”

  1. Check out my new ideas about hunter CPR and safety

    • I loved your article Bobby. I think people become a little too complacent from having so many services at a touch of a few buttons here in the city. Many do not realize that a simple slip on some pebbles may quickly become a life threatening situation. It’s important to be aware and prepared for spending time out doors. I wish everyone would take a first aid/cpr course, it was wonderful.

      Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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