Subterranean Pooch

We finally got to really enjoy our deck this afternoon. It finally broke the 80 degree mark and a light breeze was a brewin.
My husband worked from home all day and spent the later half on the deck with his laptop.
Grom spent several hours finding new ways to get into trouble.  A few new holes in the lawn were dug.  The interior of the pond was inspected with much pawing, snorting, and splashing.  This, quickly evolved into a series of muddy dog/wet dog.  When he got bored with that, all of the sticks and vines that were gathered after the snow melt were evenly redistributed around the yard.  That must have been when the little furball noticed my favorite aquatic plant.

Ok, really it is only my favorite plant because it is a green frog’s favorite plant.  Trevor sits in this plant every hour of the day.  Even in the heat, the little frog’s nose can be seen poking just barely out of the water through the twisted green tendrils.  Grom felt the plant needed to get out and see the world.  You know, go for a little ride, in his mouth.  Three times the dog plops right into the pond, snatches the plant, and runs around the yard in great big victory laps.  No amount of direction, redirection, distraction, yelling, screaming, running around, treats, toys, or pleading convinced him to let go of the plant.

Trevor, the unconcerned frog that he is, would wait for the plant to return to its rightful place and scramble right back in it.  “Puppy Brain” finally kicked in and the plant lost his interest.

What was next?


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