Leaving on a jet plane

Up up in the air on my way to the desert.  The puppy is at camp, getting whipped into shape.

I really miss the little guy.  My house felt empty.  I feel a bit empty.  No messes to clean up, no shredded paper, no eviserated pillows, shoes, or toys.  I don’t have to constantly check where he is or time how long he’s been in the crate.  No keeping him off the counter or out of the freezer. No kicking him out of the bed, off my chair, or out of the garden.
If I drop something on the floor, I have to pick it up.
There is also no cuddling, sniffing, scratching, hugging, tug, fetch, or zooming around the yard.
I can sleep in, but I think I would much rather be woken with a cold nose.


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