Phone in the toilet

Surprisingly, this is something that did not involve the puppy in any way.  Grom is 2,000 miles away from my phone.

You might be wondering what happened to all the dog related or any posts this week.

Well, they fell into the toilet.  Totally my fault.  My phone was a bit despondent over my lame postings and decided to go for a swim.  I thought they were quite awesome.  My phone believes I have bad taste.

After phone CPR and a stay in the dessication chamber, there was no saving it.  The phone hospital pronounced it dead.

While nothing could replace my beloved loose keyboard, delaminating screen, possessed, grumpy phone; it has been ummmm … Replaced.

The new phone looks pretty but alas, has amnesia. So, instead of waiting for my next posting, take a nice stroll.  It’s healthier for you anyway.


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