Harness is for Chewing

My harness is really great.  It means that I get to go outside and play.  Putting my head through the hole is the easy part, but waiting for the straps to be clipped so SO borrrrrring.  Heidi came over and I chewed on her for a while.

That was fun.

Here I am helping my trainer put on my harness.  I sure wish he were faster at this part.  I wanna go play!  – or at least pee on something.

Once we were outside I made a whole bunch of yellow spots in the grass.  Oh yeah, I got the yard covered.  No mangy mutt or pesky squirrel is going to mess with my digs.

My owner tricked me into coming close to her and she clipped a leash on me!  At least she made me have a bit of fun right after that.  We got to play my favorite game.  Boingy Barking!

See, my friend kicks around my toy every time I bark.  I REALLY want that toy too.  It’s my most favoritest toy in the world.  I just MUST have it.  He really makes getting the toy hard.

Don’t you love my leash?  That is why I like to call this the Boingy Barking game.  It really stretches!  Its a bit like going to the gym, my muscles are getting huge!  I tugged so hard that I broke the metal loop off my harness.  The boingy leash hit my trainer right in the face!  Don’t worry, she is fine. I licked her myself to check.

I really showed that trainer guy.  I won my favorite toy fair and square.  He even played tug with me for a good long time.

Hungry now, gonna go check under the dining room table for some “Opps.”

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