Practice dog indication Triple try

So, we are learning how to mess up our training with a “practice dog.”  That would be our 10 year old German Shepherd retired from Customs.  Looks like we have a slight problem with her remembering what to do when she gets to me.  She is supposed to bark.  She gets to me, then spaces out.  So, I help her out with her bark command, “Preach!”

She knows that one, but after she runs away from the person holding her, she looks at the person she just left and barks.  She is supposed to look at me!  It’s all about me, man!

Ideas on this one?  I did this three times hoping that she would “get it” on the third try.  Check out what happens.

You can see me try and get her attention to me by making all sorts of silly noises.

So the second one was a bit better.  Not good enough.  I would like to go back a few steps, but when I do that she barks properly at me.  The problem is at this step in the behavior chain.

Yup, I completely messed up this one!  Let her get away with barking at the wrong person.  No wonder she doesn’t do it right!

When I wait for her to get bored and bark at me instead, she decides to go smell flowers instead of play.  I have put her back in her crate and try again later.  She plays dumb (because I am doing something wrong here) and repeats barking at the wrong person.

I give her a lot of breaks because she is old. I would like ideas on how to fix this with her so that I do not make the same mistake with our real dog in training.  I know I am messing something up.  It’s the trainer’s fault.

Sure wish I knew how to speak dog 😀

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