Review Bob a Lot Feeding Toy

dog toy

It "looks" sturdy

Pro: Heavy, erratically moving, holds lots of food, two adjustable food dispensing holes

Con: Easily chewed, easily mastered.

Price: $20

Sum it up: Useless as a toy for a dog larger than a dachshund who knows what a mouth is for.

Grom, my Belgian Malinois, had fun with this toy dispensing his dinner time kibble.


The Bob a Lot dispensing toy appears to have sturdy construction and substantial weight.  It is very easy to fill with kibble through the top.  (The yellow bit on top screws off.)  Inside the lid is a rotating window much like what you see on a parmesan cheese container to adjust how much treats come out the top.  Another hole covered with a sliding door may be found near the base as another place where food can come out.

I liked how the toy bobbed around erratically while dispensing food.  This could keep some dogs entertained indefinitely.  Unfortunately, Grom mastered in less than ten minutes with just the bottom hole opened half way.  Not much of a challenge if he can empty it that quickly.

The second time I let the dog have it, I closed the lower door and left the top off with the hole only half open.  This made it much harder for him to get the treats out as it only spilled treats if smacked down hard on its side. Grom quickly switched strategies, grabbing the toy by its top and flinging it with a jerk of his head.  Much smashing and noise occurred with treats dispersing everywhere.  (Looks like I am going to have to clean under the stove, again.)

Happy that I had something to keep the dog occupied for a while, I left the room to pick up pieces of cardboard off the floor.  Evidence that boxes are way more fun than anything that they might have contained.

I returned about five minutes later to this:

Don't leave for five minutes.

To be fair the company does state that it is “Not intended as a chew toy.”

Note: you are selling me something that is supposed to occupy my dog while he is eating his dinner.  If I have to babysit my dog while he plays with the toy, it defeats the whole point.

The company’s website depicts a large German Shepherd directly next to its title.  Lets face it folks.  This toy is not for dogs of all sizes.

Sorry guys, but my dog is not a mini toy poodle named Muffins.


This company does sell an everlasting treat ball, marketed to big chewers. I am excited to see how the Everlasting Treat Ball stands up to Grom.  I am willing to give it a chance.  Grom loves to destroy things 😀

There are always cardboard boxes.

Note to readers: I purchased this item myself from a local store and write this review without influence from the company or any human.

One Response to “Review Bob a Lot Feeding Toy”

  1. bakerstacy Says:

    You just gotta get another buster. It took him months to break it. And he loves how noisy it is!

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