Tween Dog Hormones Scrambles Brain

So, last night I went to dog class.  Well, kinda.

You see, I really didn’t want to go.  Can’t remember why.  I thought I was gonna go for another run like this morning.  Oooo, that was so fun.  We went in the woods and I got all splashy, splashy.  That was awesome!

This time when she put on my leash, she wanted me to get in my crate; in the car.  No, way man.  She even had the nerve to lift me up and put me in there!  It was such a long ride in the car.  I took a nap.

At the school there was only one other dog around so I peed on all the great smelly spots in the grass.  Boy, I sure was a good boy when we were inside the building.  It was very relaxing.  Mom told me to lay down and stay.   It was boring in there, no problem!

Then we went outside.  There were so many dogs!

What?  Why is sniffing prohibited?  Stupid school.

I was Soooo hungry.  Mom had lots of treats. I got some of them by doing stuff.  Most of the time she just went Blah, blah, blah.  I wanna talk to the other dogs.  Come on!

Ooooooo, another black girl just like me.  She smells so nice.  What?  I am just sniffing over here.  You know, trying to say hi.  Geeze.

Ooo la la!  A red head with naturally wavy hair.  Hell-oh.  What!?  I am trying to introduce myself to the lady.

I really don’t get this dog school thing.  This is so dumb!  I don’t get to do anything I want.  A least I can roll in the grass.  Hey!  A really awesome bird just flew by.  What?  You saying something?  Whatever.

Why in the world are you shoving your food filled fist in my face?  Oh! that smells good.  I forgot I was so hungry.  You want me to stay?  As long as you keep feeding me treats lady.  What?  no treats during my stay duration?  Forget this.

Oh hey! We are running now.  YAY!

In the car already?  Is it over?  But what about all that doggie tail out there, Sigh.  I am taking a nap.

One Response to “Tween Dog Hormones Scrambles Brain”

  1. bakerstacy Says:

    I’m still not sure how one gets through training with an intact male. I remember highschool…. I’m sure the boys didn’t learn much of anything…

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