Walking is Hard, but I Can Stay Here All Day

Grom stood in a very odd place in the classroom.  He was directly in the center of the room on top of some agility equipment.  Why this made him nearly perfect at his stays while dogs moved around him, I have no idea.

It was a very full class with lots of happy doggies.  Grom was quite comfortable looking over everything from on top his perch.  Perhaps he was calm because our faces were closer to him.  I sat down with him on the floor later in the class and he calmed down quickly. It’s an idea I am going to file away for later.  If your dog is getting frustrated or is losing focus, try sitting down on the floor next to them.

During the first 30 minutes of class, our little obedience scholar stayed as all the other dogs in the class moved around him.  Only did he get up when a few exuberant dogs tried to climb up the stairs to get up there with him.  I was amazed.  What a difference from last week when he had the attention of cheese.  We even had dogs walk on either side of him during a large portion of the class.  He did an awesome job himself on the game.  Grom had to heel next to me as I walked up to a bucket of toys.  He parked himself in a solid down stay while I transferred the toys to a shopping bag. The little nut even heeled nicely with me as we strolled around a cone and back to the now empty bucket.

Either 30 minutes was up and he reverted back to puppy brain, or all the other dogs moving around caused him trouble.  The rest of class was spent practicing heeling with your dog.  Grom wanted to visit the butt of every other dog in the room. He could care less if I had filet mignon in my pocket, other dogs were more important.   I spent the rest of class bent over making really stupid high pitched noises to get the puppy’s attention while shoving food under his nose.  By this time in the class I was ready to shove food UP his nose!  Walking was hard today.

The trainers were nice enough to help with Grom’s “hugging” problem.  Both trainer gave Grom a very light hug while shoving treats in his face.  Yay!  With more help like that, it will be no time before Grom will let anyone hug or restrain him.

Excellent News on the indication training:

I suspected that Grom was just tired and frustrated with obedience class after 30 minutes.  He had energy and the need to work out his frustrations, I guessed.  We were in a new place, so why not try working on his indication?

With my encouragement and silliness, Grom gave a near perfect indication bark behavior chain on the second try.  Yessss!


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