What’s a good bark indication look like?

Some of you have been asking what a good indication looks like

after reading my blog from a few days ago.

Here is an example of what Grom should be doing with his “bark indication.”   Notice how this Shepherd puppy runs like a bullet back from the subject (lost person) and barks her head off?  

Well, that is what we are going for.  It is much different from what our little dog is doing.  (Mostly wandering around sniffing the flowers.)  The good news; we took the advice from the team (see blog post) and applied it to his training.  It seems to be working!

I ran backwards making lots of noise after calling the dog’s name.  Halfway to me, I gave his bark command, while still acting like a goofball.  Grom ran right to me like the speedster that he is.  With only a one second pause, he began barking his head off!  Now that is a good dog.

On another note…

Grom tried to eat or destroy today:

  • power supply to laptop
  • green slime experiment for class today
  • box of washers
  • husband’s sock while still on his foot
  • the comforter
  • my computer
  • a paper towel tube
  • applied paw to my eye and left a large lovely scratch  (possible black eye)

For those of you living with a working dog; your moment of Zen.

One Response to “What’s a good bark indication look like?”

  1. bakerstacy Says:

    Be sure you make Grom watch this video several times. Perhaps he might draw some inspiration from the smarts of the German Shepherd Dog.

    Mals. Pshaw!


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