That Good Ol Jump Indication

I thought I would share with you some fantastic training that happened last weekend with some other dogs.  Following, is a video of Daisy working on her jump indication.  She is much more advanced than this step, but it is always good for the dog to make things easy once and a while.

Daisy the dog is practicing what she should do when she finds a lost person, the subject.  Here, the subject is seen playing a game of tug with the dog.  To start, the handler is very close to the dog.  As soon as Daisy lets go of the tug, her handler gives her the jump command.  The dog is rewarded with an exciting game of tug with her favorite toy.

Later, the distance will be gradually increased between the handler and subject.  With a good foundation like this, soon the dog will be happy to search for hours for that fun guy with her tug toys.

Go Daisy!

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