Pig Flavored Ice Cubes

This may be a little off topic, but there is no way I am getting through today without mentioning what my husband brought home today. He bought a pig; a whole pig.  It is nearly 300 pounds of free range happy deliciousness, in two coolers.

He makes his own bacon and sausage and we refuse to eat an unhappy pig.  Something to be said for being able to visit the farm and see a heritage pig running around in a grassy field eating and doing what he wishes.  Farmer’s markets are your friend.

Now, you would think that our dog would be thrilled to get at the meat as soon as we opened the cooler.  Instead, he was interested in a much crunchier content.  What is wrong with this dog?  He IS being helpful, right?

Boy is he going to be excited to find out there is some food in there for him too!  I will make sure to feed it to him with a side of ice cubes.


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