Beef vs Pork a Dog’s Culinary Delight

Earlier today I had an opportunity to sample two varieties of animal from two different farms.

There are many qualities that make up a good bone.

First was the Pork Bone from a free range heritage breed, organically raised pig from Walnut Hill Farms.

Three out of four paws

My portion came from a quite meaty portion of the pig near the spine.  The meat had a lovely dark rose color interspersed with a delicate webbing of fat.  It initially smelled of freshly turned earth and acorns with a lovely woodsy overtone.  I quickly took care of that by smearing it around in my favorite patch of mud and ripening it in the sun for several minutes.

The meat separated quite nicely from the bone with a nice chewy mouth feel.  The square bones crunched quite easily within my jaws into a very satisfying paste finish.  I am afraid the marrow combined to readily with the pulverized bone for an adequate taste test on its own.

I give this high marks for a lovely combination of taste and crunch. The entire thing disappeared to quickly for proper ripening in the sun.  I recommend for a quick dinner by yourself.  I would not suggest serving to a lady friend to share as she will likely keep it all to herself.

Angelic Beef Bones – From happy cows

Two and a half out of four paws

Giant servings smelling of freshly chewed cud, honey, and buttermilk.  This bone is the perfect choice to roll around in the grass and age in the sun for a lovely slight rotten taste.  Very large strands of gristle and tendon lead to a quite satisfying mouth feel.  With much more bone than meat with this cut, much more can be left out or shared with friends on a lazy afternoon.  Really, who are we kidding?  All afternoons are lazy.

Very thick bones allow the diner to really settle in to sampling the rich dark marrow in every piece.  Most wonderful of all are the grinding, crunching, and snapping noises possible with multiple surfaces and textures.

This bone has less meat but worth it for longevity of the meal and endless possibilities for burying and ripening.

Both have their qualities, and like any cut of meat.  Each has use.  Now if you will excuse me, I need to push this beef bone under the bed.

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