Crate Break!

The little monster got out today.  I am not sure how.  Either a latch missed or a small crack has allowed the dog to push the door open.

As you may know from earlier posts, working dogs have a much higher drive or desire to get into trouble.  Intelligence and enduring high energy are combined in a good working dog, allowing him to work many hours for few rewards.  This high energy can quickly get such an animal into trouble if he is unguided.  He is a bit like a teenager with the house to himself all weekend.  I am just glad all of Grom’s friends did not find a way over.  Thank goodness dogs can’t drive.

Now off to buy a new crate, new running shoes, and bitter apple spray for possible new shoes.

2 Responses to “Crate Break!”


    We’d had Mauno for about a month or so, when I had to go drop a dog off at the airport. For me, that is a 3 hour each way drive. My husband was out of town, daughter with Grandparents out of state, and I get home close to midnight to find Mauno had also gotten out of his crate.

    Your house looks clean compared to what he did- 🙂

    • I am lucky he has been taught to ignore most things that are not his. The running shoes are usually in the closet, so I guess they were something new and delicious. I am surprised he did not do more damage as he has been pent up for so many days with the bum foot. Ahhh Belgian Mals, trouble, just trouble.

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