Hiding in a hammock

I am just lying here in a hammock.  A nice, cozy cool hammock in the middle of the woods.  I think I might even go to sleep.  Yawn.  Training day rocks!
A giant piliated woodpecker is cackling at me from a nearby tree. His deep red crest flashes in the dappled sunlight as he flicks it up and down. He hops up the tree in short bobbing jumps testing a spot here and there with his beak.  How in the world do they find the insects burrowed under that thick bark?  Could it be xray vision?  The sound of a hollow spot?  The great bird keeps the secret as he turns a shiny black eye to peer at me through the leaves.  Unconcerned, he tries a few more pecks at the tree and glides away.

I fall asleep for a little while.  Woken up occasionally by radio traffic.

What’s this!?

Rewarding a search dog after they have found a person sounds hilarious.

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