Mals are Nuts

Grom here is recovering from a vicious attack from another aggressive Belgian Malinois.

The offending dog thinks of murder all day

Here is the actual attack taking place.  Notice another Belgian Mal is attempting to save our German Shepherd (or possibly joining in the attack.)

One on one with Grom, it is very scary.

This crazy animal will eventually grow into a massive killer of enormous size.

In short, never put these very dangerous dogs together.  You will have to witness several hours of offensively adorable puppy play, lounging, cuddling, and sharing of toys.

Please, talk to your dog about the dangers of puppy play-dates before it is too late.

2 Responses to “Mals are Nuts”

  1. Freyja has killed another twelve people since Saturday’s play date. She’s clearly culling the herd to prevent a Malthusian catastrophe.

    In all seriousness, thanks again for a great time and a great experience for our pup. Being around people who actually know what proper Mal behavior looks like was an awesome experience for all of us, human and puppy. Stay safe!

  2. Harrington's Top Dog Training Academy Says:

    While I agree with you that the Belgian Malinois is not a breed to be taken lightly, with proper socialization and training to control their dominant and aggressive tendencies, they can interact with other Malinois in a very calm and balanced state of mind. I am training a 14 week old Belgian Malinois right now, and while it is a constant challenge to get him to understand who is setting the rules, he is no longer food guarding and is playing socially with my GSD, and my Rottie/Sheppard Hybrid. They were not long letting him know his place in the pack, without fighting.

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