It’s Sort of Like Swimming

Grom has been a great dog thus far.  He seems to be afraid of nothing.  The little black dog climbs up half fallen trees, leaps upon unstable furniture, and even slips down slides at the playground.

Get him near water, and it’s a different story.

Oh sure, he plays in it biting at the water and running like a maniac through it.  Just don’t get him in the deep end; that’s where he becomes a big baby.

So, I put on my sexiest outfit and lured him into the deep end with the help of a team mate.  Only equipment needed was a favorite toy that floats.

Throw that toy!

In the water it goes

In the water I go

Hey, gimmie that thing!

That's right, time to applaud

The water was not quite deep enough for a full on swim

It was a perfect first step.

One Response to “It’s Sort of Like Swimming”

  1. Grom probably told Heidi when he got home, “You’ll never believe what I got Mom to do today! She went waaaaaay out in the water to fetch my toy!

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