One year

Turkey day is a week gone and there are no turkey leftovers to share.  Thanksgiving made me realize that we have had our crazy black puppy for a year now.

He has made quite a bit of progress since then.  No more whining and barking in the crate, tearing apart everything he sees, or acting shy around strangers.  We spent countless hours enduring his crying and digging fits in the crate waiting for the instant for him to quiet so we could swoop in with a treat.  I remember watching with horror as he looked me right in the eye, grabbed a pair of my underwear, and proceeded to tear around the house with them in his mouth.  Then tearing the unmentionables into tiny shreds until they became unrecognizable.  I can’t forget the dozens of trips to new places and giving treats to strangers so he could get used to everything and everyone.

He now loves going into his crate and taking a nap, meeting new people, and traveling to new places.  After nearly a year of obedience work, he has tested and received his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Certification.  He will let me clip one nail without getting upset these days.  Grom will even hangout at the veterinarian as long as no one tries to grab his paws.

On the search front his training is coming along.  He no longer needs to see someone run away to hide.  He even does searches that last as long as 10 minutes without giving up.  Each training he may have a few minutes added to his search time until he can search all night without getting bored.  The little guy is so quick to learn, he is leaving me in the dust.

He is still rude and will steal your chair the moment you vacate it.  Many times he wont wait that long and will climb right into your lap.  He sleeps on top of the bed directly on a human’s feet, arms, or even head and groans in complaint when the numb human tells him to get off.  He barks with jealousy when we are giving Heidi a tummy rub.  He likes to run full speed around the house and stop and slide on a rug until it is folded in a wad on the other side of the room.  All of these things I do not mind at all.  There is just one thing I have to remember

make sure that the panties are all in the hamper!

One Response to “One year”

  1. I can’t believe there was a time when Grom was shy of strangers!

    Hope to see you guys soon…

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