Rainy Day with the Eagles

What a gorgeous day to sit out in the woods near the swamp.  It rained all night last night.  The ground is covered in wet amber leaves, colors refreshed from the new moisture.  Fallen trees with soaked black skin lay like long seals snoozing in gentle waves of dark orange and tan.  I snuggled up against the cold wet bark of a larger branchless tree pointed down the hill at the ice covered swamp below us.  A few minutes before a small bald headed eagle startled out of a tree with a short high pitched squawk and glided above the swamp. The tail was missing two feathers from his last molt.

The eagle might be having a good time in this, but without all of my gear I would be very cold!  So, I wrapped myself up like a burrito.  First with my Quiggly Down Under rain duster and then my waterproof stadium blanket complete with fuzzy red flannel inside.  The trampoline stretched mesh on the back of my SAR pack became a lovely pillow.  I promptly took a nice long nap.  My intentions of playing Angry Birds on my phone, a distant memory.

I was startled awake by the sound of my name being called out.  An hour and a half had passed since I lost consciousness; body burritos sure do make me comfy! I could just hear the sound of bells tinkling down the hill from me.  Someone was out there looking for me.  I raised myself up onto one elbow and attempted to extract the cell phone from my duster pocket.  I sure was wrapped up in these blankets tight!

Fumbling with my phone, I was able to get a short video of the dog team searching for me.

I had to cut the video short as this pup was going to come back very fast!

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