One of my favorite things about winter is getting warm.  I love hot tea and cocoa in front of a fire.  My new house has an added perk most appreciated during the cold season, a whirlpool bath tub.
I had been looking forward to soaking in some hot, sudsy water all day.  Recovering from a horrible cold that left my body aching made the bath even more appealing.
I started the hot water filling the tub and walked to the back door to let the dogs out.
Grom dashed out into the snow sliding around like a car in a chase movie on the streets of Paris.  He spazed out in the yard running sliding curves around the two older German Shepherds.  I went upstairs to check the bath.  It’s was almost full.  There was just enough time to let the furballs back in.

When I opened the door and called the snow covered mutts back in, speed demon darted past me into the house and directly up the stairs.  The two geriatric girls trotted and in one dog’s case, strolled into the house, stopping to yawn in the doorway.
I climbed the stairs to the bathroom and found this:

My beautiful bath to be was already occupied.
Since he was a puppy, I played ball and fed him in the empty bathtub.  Progressively filling it with a bit more water each time.  Training a dog to get used to routine care is essential, but this was ridiculous!

Perhaps he would like the jets on?

I learned a few things:

Tearless bubbles rock, I lost my bath, but gained a clean dog, and I was grateful he was not shown how to turn on the water by himself.

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